Drukarnia Warszawa – ekspresowy druk cyfrowy i produkcja wizytówek na zamówienie
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Paper folders, stickers, labels, calendars

We offer:

  • Paper folders A5, A4 colour prints both inside and outside, with a pasted corner. Folders printed on paper 300gsm can be foiled (matte or glossy)
  • Labels and tags colour and black-and-white in any size and shape (also on windows, vehicles, etc.). They can be printed on paper or foil.
  • Black-and-white and colour prints on materials such as adhesive labels, barcode labels, CD stickers.
  • Calendars hanging from a hanger, multipages, in the maximum size 320×450 mm, framed by a metal spring.

Model calculations (net prices with materials):

FOLDERS 1000psc STICKERS 1000 psc. STICKERS 1000 psc CALENDARS 50 psc
colour, pap. 300gsm, foiled, pasted corner. 10x5cm, self-adhesive paper 130gsm stickers on foil (waterproof, any shape) matte or glossy foil, cut A-3, papier 250-gsm, 13 pages, colour print, spiral, hanger
A-5 – 2,80 zl/psc A-4 – 3,70 zl/psc 0,15zl/psc 80 zl/m² 17,90zl/psc


Ekspresowa Drukarnia
Niskich Nakładów

DUX Sp. z o.o.
ul. Waryńskiego 10
00-631 Warszawa

Tel: 22 666 15 14
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