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Advantages of the digital printing

Quality Comparing printing performed in the technique of the offset printing and identical material printed in figures it’s easy to notice a huge resemblance above all. By prints on sheet materials (low formats) we guarantee resolution 1200 dpi. We can get the best quality thanks to the most modern devices. At the large-format press we offer the waterproof solvent press in the resolution to 1440 dpi.

Time The digital printing  disqualifies the whole process associated with carrying clichés out and colour proofs essential at the offset printing. It is possible quickly to send works prepared for the digital printing with the e-mail, and to have a draft ready already after a few minutes (it doesn’t differ in nothing from the rest of the printing). The date of the order’s completion never exceeds two working days and in case of the express realization – 24 h, and prices of the services are very similar to traditional methods of printing.

Personalization The digital printing gives the possibility of  personalized works – every copy can have an individual: text, graphics, photograph, bar code, serial number etc.,  what isn’t possible in the traditional technique. Simultaneously the fact that diversifying elements as part of one project isn’t raising costs of the press is most important


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